Skinner Plumbing And Heating - They Don't Stand Behind Their (Inferior) Work

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Skinner Plumbing performed extensive repairs on plumbing in my home on 1/11/13 and 1/16/13.According to the invoices received (AND PAID), this work included the following work on the kitchen sink: "changing pipes and traps and waste tubing, clearing stoppages and snaking out the drain for the trap and sink.

All work was supposedly tested and the results were ok."The house was vacant until Feb. 22. On Feb. 25, the kitchen sink backed up.

Skinner was called and came the following day, Feb. 26. According to the invoice I received , they "Snaked and vacuumed to clear stoppage at kitchen sink. Removed significant amounts of scale from pipe.

Filled sink multiple times to make sure it was draining properly. All work tested ok." The invoice was for $236.80. When I called to question this invoice since the prior TWO invoices covered the same work, I had to call several times, since each call resulted in a promise to look into the situation and get back to me. When I finally heard from Joe, I was told "who knows what was thrown down the sink to cause the stoppage".

It is quite obvious that Skinner failed to stand by the work that they supposedly did. I guess that all they want is to be paid for doing the same thing over and over. Their work fits the definition of insanity...Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND HOPE THAT THIS COMPLAINT IS READ BY ANYBODY CONSIDERING HIRING SKINNER PLUMBING AND HEATING CORP.

Since I paid them to perform this service on two separate occasions and the problem continued to exist, I am appalled and outraged that they want to be paid a third time.


New York, New York, United States #939853

I have been Trying to schedule an appointment since November 30 2014 after speaking several times with Joe today was the day that they were suppose to come at 9am.

Well for the 3rd time they never came without a notice from them!I Lost a day of work because of this *** company I WILL NEVER CALL THIS *** COMPANY AGAIN.

to BOB Little Neck, New York, United States #939885

@Bob- At least they don't have your money!

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